Mental Health and Wellbeing

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

At Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School we aim to be an active Christian community of love and service, where all feel they belong and are valued. This feeling of family and having a place is an essential foundation stone in the development of good mental health and well-being.

The last few years have brought increased awareness of the importance of mental health in schools, showing how children’s mental health can significantly affect their academic and personal development


A huge part of our mental health support in school starts with awareness. Students need to be educated about mental health in order to be aware of the signs, so that they can know where to go for help and may also be able to help others. In school we are committed to supporting positive mental health through our CPSHE programme, retreat programme, assemblies and pastoral work.

Not only this – integrating mental health education into the curriculum will help us to understand those experiencing difficulties, remove any stigma or social misconceptions and replace these with an atmosphere of positivity and acceptance.


By understanding our own mental health, we will in turn be able to be attentive to the needs of other to ensure our whole community is able to become the person God is calling them to be.

Anxiety Booklet

Mental Health Policy

Mental Health Strategy


Your online mental wellbeing community

Young Minds

Meditation Hand Gesture

As a school community we believe that mental health is as important as our physical health. To help our school be a mentally healthy school we will:

  • Be judgement free

  • Provide safe spaces

  • Look out for our friends and ourselves

  • Spend time doing things that make us feel happy

  • Have a routine for when we feel anxious to calm down

  • Be compassionate and respectful of others


Actions that may help:


  • Take time to pray every day, thank God for your blessings

  • Join a club or after school activity

  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day talking to a friend or family member

  • Try to do something that helps another person everyday – be kind!

  • Get some exercise

  • If you struggle to talk to people about your feelings, keep a diary or journal

  • Don’t forget to click the ‘concerned’ button if you want to talk or share a worry!