Mr Billings
Mr Billings has been headteacher at Bishop Ullathorne since September 2017.
Mrs S Boyle
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Boyle  has been deputy headteacher since September 2018 and has responsibility for the personal development, behaviour and welfare of all students in school. 
Mrs Stonehouse
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Stonehouse also supports year 11 and has responsibility for data and achievement at Bishop Ullathorne.
Mr Carpenter
Business Manager
Mrs Evans Bent
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Evans Bent coordinates the teaching and learning programme at Bishop Ullathorne. She also supports Year 10.
Mrs Brown
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Brown looks after the PP and upper attaining students. Mrs Brown also supports our Year 7 students as well as coordinating transition from primary school.
Ms Casey
Assistant Headteacher
Ms Casey leads our sixth form and provides support for our Key Stage Leaders.