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As a Catholic school, we recognise the uniqueness of your child and the need to build on the firm family Catholic values established in the home and in the primary school where your child has been educated. Our children here are encouraged to bear witness to the Gospel values of love, truth, forgiveness, peace and justice. We believe that a respect for themselves, the school community and the wider world will help them to develop into positive citizens of the future. We aim to develop the whole child - spiritually, morally, socially, physically and academically.

At Bishop Ullathorne we take pride in our calm, warm atmosphere and positive relationships. Every child’s happiness and safety is at the heart of everything we do. This, combined with excellent teaching helps to foster the unique family feel of our school.


Christopher Billings

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    Ullathorne Way


      Pay close attention to our actions and the choices which we make. We need to ask ourselves whether we made the right choices and given time and energy to help those we value and belong to. It is about making better decisions, learning from past experiences and seeking a better way forward for all.

      Wise and Curious

      Recognise that knowledge can empower us to become better ourselves and to build a better future for all. It is about being eager to learn and actively engaged in our learning. It is to think for ourself by probing, seeking, asking and questioning. It is to know our true self and to reach excellence as a independent and lifelong learner.


      To recognise our value and be thankful for the gifts that we have been given; our health and our family; our shelter and security; our friends and community; our education and our talents. We grow to be joyful and generous with our time and talents when we recognise all that we have and where we belong.

      Faith-filled and Prophetic

      Have faith in our self and others to live and act as a Christian community, always searching for excellence in our future. Be seen to be doing good and speak out for what is right. Shape our future and the future of others in a way that is guided bu our faith in God, our conscience and our love for one another.


      Have the language skills to ask questions, express our emotions, debate points, engage in conversations, speak to our beliefs and to talk about matters of faith. It is about speaking the truth, striving for excellence and expressing our God given talents with confidence.


      Recognise, respond and be attentive to another's suffering and value. See the world through other's eyes and step into their shoes. Have the ability to respond with love and service to what we see and hear so that we understand and love one another more deeply.