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Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour, its study is the fabric of what makes us human. Learning Psychology inspires curiosity into a range of factors that influence our behaviours from the opposing contemporary debates of nature to nurture, freewill versus determinism and the interactionism of such on explaining complexities of human behaviour. Students will evaluate a range of social–biological–cognitive explanations for all types of behaviour and draw conclusions about behaviours based on a forensic evaluation of research in order to conclude which approaches they view as having the most significant evidence.

The course will develop understanding of how individual behaviours are intertwined with the impact of social and group identity and how experience and expectation shape our behaviour into predictable patterns and outcomes. Students will see how a human being is not an isolated construct but a member of community, family and culture that moulds behaviour and leads to personal well-being. Students will be able to analyse the world and individuals around them in new ways, incorporating a myriad of approaches and asking questions about the nature of human agency

Exam Boards and Specifications

A Level - AQA Level 3 Advanced GCE in Psychology (7182)