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Our Year 9 and 10 students complete our Diversity Passport Award to develop their understanding and appreciation of diversity; celebrating what we have in common and promoting respect for our differences. 

At Bronze, students will select three of these six tasks to complete: 

A. Plan and deliver an Act of Worship for your form group on the topic of diversity, inclusion, or anti-racism ​

B. Attend a diversity conference or event organised by the school (such as Diversity Presentation Week in January)​

C. Design a t-shirt or tote bag with a slogan that represents diversity, inclusion, or anti-racism ​

D. Research and write a report about a civil rights leader or historical figure of excellence with protected characteristics. Find out about and share their history, their contribution, and the importance of their contribution ​

E. Complete a media bias checklist of an article or piece of media (see the student checklist in the Passport) ​

F. Participate in the creation of a display or school wide activity for Black History Month or Anti-Bullying week 

At Silver, students will either: 

A. Select a book of their choice from the Diversity Recommended Reading list, available in our library. Complete a book review in any format they wish. They must explain how the book has improved their understanding and appreciation of diversity. 


B. Select a topic linked to diversity, inclusion or anti-racism and prepare a 10-15 minute presentation about it. The presentation must be suitable to deliver to Year 7 and 8 students to improve their understanding and appreciation of diversity. 

At Gold:

Students will be involved in the planning and delivery of our Diversity Day, held in July. Students will shape their own role in the day, perhaps creating resources for form groups, or planning and delivering activities and events that will occur during break times.