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The SEN (Special Educational Needs) register

Our school currently provides different provision for a range of needs, including

Our SEN (special educational needs) register is a list of pupils who need additional  and/or different provision from their peers in one or more of these areas.

​How pupils are identified and added to the SEN register.

Firstly, we begin in year seven by taking account of primary school information and assessing reading ages.  Many departments also do baseline tests. Slow progress and low attainment will not automatically mean a pupil is put on the register. We assess whether we can provide support by adapting our core offer, this is the provision that all pupils are given.  If something different or additional is needed, then a child is put on the register.

Secondly, class teachers will make regular assessments of progress for all pupils and identify those whose progress:

  • Is significantly slower than that of their peers starting from the same baseline
  • Fails to match or better the child’s previous rate of progress
  • Fails to close the attainment gap between the child and their peers
  • Widens the attainment gap.

Finally, concerns are sometimes triggered by parents and students themselves and  

listening to students and parents is an essential partnership at our school.