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Our Patron: Who is Bishop Ullathorne?

William Ullathorne was born in a small town called Pocklington on May 7, 1806. He did not want to go into the family business but decided to work at sea.

Ullathorne was a descendant of Sir Thomas More. He served as a cabin boy before joining the Benedictines at Downside Abbey, near Bath in 1823, taking the vows in 1825 and the additional name "Bernard", after Bernard of Clairvaux. He was ordained priest in 1831

He volunteered to serve the convicts in Australia, where he was sent the following year as vicar general. He was the first chaplain to visit the penal colony on Norfolk Island in the southern Pacific Ocean, between New Caledonia and northern New Zealand. While working with the convicts (1832–42), he made visits to Rome and England.

In 1836 his "Horrors of Transportation Briefly Unfolded" was published, and in 1838 he gave evidence before the Parliamentary Commission on Transportation, which influenced the abolition of the transportation system.

Ullathorne was sick when he returned to in England in 1841, he took charge of the Roman Catholic mission at Coventry, where he recovered his health and spirits and helped found St Osburg's Church in Coventry.

He became the first Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Birmingham. During his nearly four decades of being in charge there was 67 new churches, 32 convents and nearly 200 mission schools were built.

In 1888 he retired and received from Pope Leo XIII the honorary title of Archbishop of Cabasa.  He died at Oscott College and his monument is in the crypt of St. Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, although he was buried in the sanctuary of the Church of St Dominic and the Immaculate Conception at Stone, Staffordshire.

Our school is named after the Most Reverand Bishop William Bernard Ullathorne.


The Chaplaincy Team

Lauren Stundon is our lay Chaplain at Bishop Ullathorne School. Lauren works with a large team of students who make up our Chaplaincy team and Chaplaincy reps and Liturgy Planning committee. These groups are open to all students and are fully inclusive. Students have full autonomy with Chaplaincy and volunteer themselves at different points throughout the year. 

Chaplaincy Reps are decided in form at the beginning of the year and these students have an incredibly important role within their tutor group. Along with the Chaplaincy team they attend training and planning meetings at several points throughout the year. Whilst praying in form time is a whole class responsibility chaplaincy reps are there to offer their peers and form tutors help and support leading and monitoring the collective acts of worship in form time. Chaplaincy reps prepare liturgies that are shared in form; they have an especially important role in preparing their class for reconciliation during advent and lent. They also prepare a special liturgy around mental health during mental health awareness week. Chaplaincy reps are responsible for the prayer space in their classrooms and changing our liturgical colours. 

The chaplaincy reps are but not exclusively: 

Harvey Arengath
Rachel Rodrigues


Amy Skotarek
Kai Chen


Aimee Ani 
Ethan McCullagh

Cerys Brennan
Sandile Pilime

Eli Atisu 
Destiny Mukwam

Kupa Nhira
Samara Emmons

Mia Stevenson
Papa Sam

Samuel Bokaye
Sophia Campanella


Abel Teckle Dawid Zielinski
Melania Amba-Wills


Liam Gavin
Emily Carter



Gloria Mamengi
Tyrrell Fernandes


Isabella Rae
Cedric Jerald

Sophia Turner

Kaisa Mafsoni
Yanai Tsedura

Sarah Okafor
Nkemjika Egbuchulem

Ollie Liddle
Mya Tucker


Kate Bradford
Leane Habte


Joseph Abercrombie
Maame McSam


Finn Schofield


Lola Rose Roberts

Eleanor Bracey
Ela Kirkwood


Elena Almeida
Jivon Matthew


Esther Asamoah
Jayden Adams-Guest


Emanuela Okafor

Beryl Essel
Tamara Van-Gaby


Kadie Halinan
Oliwia Kmak


Fabian Jalowiecki
Melanie Nkundwa


Martyna Lada

Josue Mushagalusa

Lisa Lutumba

Plamedie Yompela

Louis Davenport

Beth Hatfield

Reme Liddle


Chaplaincy team members have a similar role to chaplaincy reps however the chaplaincy team are students who have shown a special interest in chaplaincy. Chaplaincy team lead our Holy Cross MAC chaplaincy training days, they support worship in assemblies, they fill in where a form might not have a rep.

Our chaplaincy team are but not exclusively:


Samuel Bokaye - 8CG

Ashlynn Johnston – 8CB

Joseph Dore – 8TF

Cedric Jerald – 8TF

Gracie-Mae Bunn – 9SD

Grace Murphy – 9GG

Leane Habte – 9BD

Kate Bradford – 9BD

Nkemjika Egbuchulem – 9AA

Keryane Fofana – 9BD

Sydney Mosley – 11RW


When we have a whole school liturgy to plan we call together a group of young people who form out liturgy planning committee. The committee changes regularly to allow more students to be involved in the planning of our whole school events. The planning committee will decide on themes, space, and message. They have an important job in creating liturgies that speak to our whole school community.

We also have a group of Eucharistic Ministers as well as our student led Worship Band.

The School Motto

The phrase Soli Deo Gloria has been used throughout the tradition of the Church to demonstrate how human work is to honour God. Our work and actions are also produced for the sole purpose of praising and giving Glory to God. We are reminded that Jesus states: “ apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5) and encouraged that “nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37)


“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” them.” [Ephesians 5:8 10] We believe that Catholic Schools are created as part of God’s plan to fulfil good works that He has prepared for us.

The School Motto:


Church Altar

Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School
School Prayer

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the unique gifts and talents that overflow from our school community.
We pray that we can do wonderful things with the power and knowledge of God’s love.
Help us to grow in compassion that we may become examples of understanding and love.
Help us to grow in eloquence so that our words can make a positive impact.
Help us to grow in attentiveness so that we can assist the needs of others.
Help us grow in wisdom and curiosity to reach our full potential.
Help us to grow in faith actively following You.
You have united us as one family and as one family we will grow.
Bishop Ullathorne pray for us.

Written by Thomas Wright

Prayer life of the school

Prayer is central to all we do here at Bishop Ullathorne. Each day begins with an act of worship in tutor time or assembly. Prayer is led by our students who are encouraged to create their own prayers. Resources are provided for staff and students to support in this. 

At the end of every day we stop and prayer together in class before we travel home for the day.

Our Bishop Ullathorne school prayer was written by Thomas Wright a Year 11 student in March 2022

How to lead Morning Prayer

a guide for students

Bishop Ullathorne School Prayer

Holy Cross MAC Prayer

Liturgical calendar 2022


Chapel Rota of events

Throughout the year the chapel is used to celebrate Mass, we have a rota for Adoration, it is used during our retreat days, and we use the chapel for when visiting priests come in to hear confessions.


The chapel is always open for staff and students. We have Adoration before school on Tuesdays and on Thursdays before school a special time to pray for peoples intentions.


Chaplaincy training also takes place in the chapel throughout the year as well as our liturgy planning committee meetings. Our chaplaincy reps can also book their form in to come to the chapel during registration for a prayer service. The service and themes change throughout the year and give students and staff the opportunity to be in the chapel with Christ truly present and experience different ways to pray. An example of these services might be:

Autumn 1
Fresh start/New beginnings/Rosary


Autumn 2
Holy Souls/Advent


Winter 1
Light in the dark/sleeping Saint Joseph


Winter 2
Love one another as I have loved you


Spring 1


Spring 2
Marian Processions


Summer 1
Who is God calling you to be?